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Ghosts and Phantoms Part II: The Conclusion

Download and Read Online Ghosts and Phantoms Part II: The Conclusion, by William Byron Hillman, 2011-06-17

The call came late at night. “Rollie Kemp is still alive. Terminate him and do it now.” Mistakes were unacceptable, only one was made. The California cops did them a favor and told the press they were dead. The evidence left little doubt a contract had been put out on them. Rollie Kemp and Drake...

Ghosts and Phantoms Part II: The Conclusion by William Byron Hillman

April by William Byron Hillman

Rollie Kemp is back! All he has to do is find April. After April Bradberry’s father was murdered in Hollywood California, and the police cleared her, she returned to her South Carolina home. Right

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Let's Sue 'Em by Mr William Byron Hillman

Tawny Hamilton, wife of the famous author Doug Hamilton, wanted to surprise him with a little getaway. One silly mishap led to a potential lawsuit, and that’s

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Quigley's Christmas Adventure: Sequel of the movie hit Quigley (Quigley Adventures) by William Byron Hillman

The heavenly canine angel, Quigley is coming back to earth. His mission: stop the villains; rescue the toy company, save the town and encourage fellow humanoid

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